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Cycle of Ancestry

“Cycle of Ancestry" is a film about Mario Ordoñez-Calderón, a first-generation Mayan American who bikepacks 1,500 miles through the Yucatan Peninsula to explore his cultural heritage and learn about how your roots can shape your future. We were responsible for the Animation section, that tells the origins of how Mario's venture started.

Taco Bell Free Tacos

Working along Deutsch Los Angeles we animated this 15s spot for TacoBell,

Detect Health

Detect Health is a service that can detect small glitches in your body before they become symptomatic. So we broke down how it works, in a simple fun way.


I was always a big fan of OldPal's branding so it was a pleasure working with them on these loops, illustrating step by step how to roll a good old joint.

Red Bull Mixer Lab

A quick intro for Red Bull Music, to introduce Mixer Lab. Fun project and allowed us to also play with the SFX.